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to Dexter's Fantasea Stingray Tours.
Relaxing and FUN for ALL ages!
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While vacationing on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, experience one of the best Stingray City Tours, snorkeling tours and most exciting tourist attractions in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean Sea, and the world. Come with us to Stingray Sandbar to feed and swim amongst the stingrays. Stingray Sandbar is the Cayman Islands most popular tourist attraction and is located between Stingray City and Rum Point. Then we're off to the barrier reef to snorkel in the beautiful, shallow coral reefs in their natural environment. There isn’t a need for scuba diving gear because you can view the same marine life while snorkeling the shallow waters.

Dexter's Fantasea Tours is an ideal Stingray City Tour for family members of all ages whether you want to go into the water or not. Captain Dexter is famous for his great sense of humor, and his tours are never overcrowded. This trip is for people who want to have a little fun, but also relax and forget everything.

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The most relaxing Stingray City Tour in the Cayman Islands!

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"Dexter offers a personalized tour as if we were old friends!" Tripadvisor

For a sampling of what others are saying about their tour out with Dexter and the Cayman Islands stingrays, see a few testimonials below or view our Social News/Live Feed page.

Jeff Texas USA
This is the best tour in the cayman Island. If you only take one tour take this one.
Dexter is the best. You never feel rushed and Dexter and his crew make sure that a good time is had by all.

The Kearns Family Cypress Texas USA
Dexters was the BEST discovery we made in the Cayman Islands! He let us use his underwater camera and was nothing but FIRST CLASS! We highly recommend his tour vs. the high dollar ones! Small and personal...nothing but the best from Dexter's. WE only wish we could have stayed all day on the boat!

Jerry Galizio Norton Massachusetts USA
My wife Diane and I had a great trip with Capt. Dexter in May. The boat only had 10 of us and we went later in the day so it was not crowded at the sand bar. He allowed us all the time we needed to swim with the rays, and we left only when we were ready. We had gone on another tour earlier in the week which was crowded and rushed, not this one. Book it, you will have a blast!

Beverly North-Garvin Cincinnati OH USA
My favorite day in the Grand Caymans. I loved it so much I wrote a poem about it-

"Captain Dexter"

A man and his sailboat are very special-
You could tell Captain Dexter took great care of his vessel-
Out on the sea has wonder and cleansing-
Of a life so simple it is truly a blessing.
The sun shines quite proud on your beautiful boat-
White, blue and gleaming with purposeful rope-
Rope that calls the sails to the sky-
The wind picks up, as we sail on by-
By lovely white sands, and green foliage too-
A majestic sight of a sunset will do-
Lovely oranges, pinks, purples and reds-
I hang onto the memory, deep in my head-
Of a quieter time, where life is sucked in-
The air and the fragrance linger within-
Within my lungs, my nose my throat-
I take it all in on your lovely boat.
Memories fade, truly they do,
Help me remember, you and your crew.
For Dexter and Simon, what a great pair-
Grand Caymans, please linger please linger right there.

Stephen Bartholomew Orem UT USA
We had an awesome time! My wife fell in love with the stingrays. We were impressed with the concern the captain and first mate showed for our safety and enjoyment.We have been on tours where we felt like we were being herded along on a tight schedule, this tour felt very relaxed and laid back which is what I want and need when I am on vacation. Next time we travel to Grand Cayman Dexter's tour is at the top of our list. Thanks!

Lynda and Bart Thompson & family La Porte City IA USA
Our recent Fantasea tour with Captain Dexter and Simon was an amazing experience! The genuine knowledge, humor, and the time taken to give us all an exceptional time with the stingrays was far beyond any expectations we could have had. Snorkeling after the stingrays was also amazing and a moment we will always remember! Great time, great music, and two great people... THANK YOU for a wonderful time!

Kelly H Putnam Valley NY USA
A M A Z I N G!!! This trip with Dexter was truly the highlight of our trip! I dont know where to begin... We had a cruise trip coming up and everywhere I read said swimmng with the stingrays was not to be missed. I researched companies not part of the "Cruise Excursion" packages, I didnt want to become just a "number" for one of those cramped boats. I found Dexter's Fantasea Tours, read the many, many positive reviews on TripAdvisor. I very easily made the reservation through email. He answered any questions I had before the trip. I felt comfortable booking my family (myself, husband, 10 & 8 year olds)with Dexter's Stingray Tour. Dexter and Simon were very friendly and personable with everyone aboard. Dexter enjoyed the children aboard and joked with them. The Catamaran was not overcrowded like the other boats we saw. (we had 18 people including little ones. Plenty of room for everyone to have their own personal space. The Catamaran was clean, great working order. Snorkel equip too was plentiful & great condition. Dexter had a cooler filled with bottled waters and canned sodas. Plenty for all. When we arrived to Stingray Sandbar, Dexter took the time to explain to everyone what to expect, where we were headed, and any safety issues/guidelines. Dexter made sure everyone was safe at all times while aboard and in the water. Dexter and Simon have a true love & respect for the stingrays and the ocean. They both had a lot of patience for everyone to get a change to "meet", kiss, and even get a massage by the stingrays. And me, I'm the real "Chicken of the Sea" I even got in the water and got a massage! I felt extremely comfortable with them :) No rushing, ever! We spent a lot of time at the Stingray Sandbar. 2nd part was short sail to Snorkel at a reef. What a Bonus! Again, beautiful water and plentiful fish. When the snorkelers were finished, Dexter raised the sail and we made our way back to the dock. Thank You Dexter (and Simon) for the experience of a lifetime!!! If we ever return to Grand Cayman, We will be booking another tour with you!

Katy Cincinnati OH USA
This trip was fantastic! I've been to Grand Cayman before and had taken a similar trip, but Dexter's was by far the best! He and Simon provide you with a life experience that you are not going to forget. What a magical moment, holding and kissing a stingray! This is truly what a excursion should be...relaxing, fun, enjoyable and affordable. Will definately be back!!

Jill Mn
Four of us sailed with Dexter today 2/14/13. Fantastic time swimming with sting rays. Snorkling was great, saw a lot of fish. Both Dexter and Simon have many stories to share with passengers. Good trip

Mike Coye Billerica Ma USA
Dexter is a GREAT person!!!! When we arrived ......late due to bad weather he was there waiting for us. Because of the weather he could not take us out on his boat but had saved spots for us (17 in our crew) on a larger boat if we still wanted to go. After talking about the weather and conditions we opted out of the trip. Being the type of individual he is he loaded us all in his van and brought us to the beach and would not take any money for this. Dexter is a class A number 1 individual and I would not hesitate to book a tour with him. THANKS DEXTER YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!

Kevin McAllister Kaysville Utah USA
I almost hate to write this review of my trip with Dexter, as my family had such a great time on this tour, and I am afraid that the next time we visit it will be harder to get on the boat. The tour was so intimate with plenty of time both with the stingrays and snorkeling. But, the best part of the tour was the time spent in conversation with Dexter! You can tell he not only loves the rays, but loves his island as well. What a joy to hear the history of his life and the changes he has witnessed on the island. My daughter enjoyed it so much that when she booked a honeymoon cruise and found it stoped in Grand Cayman, she asked me to book them the tour with Dexter. Thanks again for such a great time, and when I return you can be sure I will contacting Dexter!

Jeremy Mischka Menasha WI USA
We were at Cayman as one of the stops for our cruise. A few months before, a friend of ours recommended Dexter's tour so we decided to book a reservation. This was by far, the highlight of our trip. We enjoyed the catamaran ride out to the sandbar. Dexter was able to visit with each of us on the ride out there. He was a hit with my youngest son, as Dexter joked around with him a bit. We appreciated the individualized attention and education of the sting rays. It is very evident that Dexter is a huge advocate for the wonderful creatures. We also really enjoyed the snorkeling at the reef as well. Dexter pointed out some interesting spots to see on our snorkel trip as well. We definitely will be booking another trip out with Dexter if we make it to Cayman again! Thanks Capt. Dexter for a truly memorable trip!

Elaine Merritt Pike Road AL U.S>
We spent an awesome trip with Dexter and Simon. The trip was a awesome experience. My son Patrick cut his foot while snorkeling. Dexter and Simon were right there to assist and get his foot cleaned and dressed. I would recommend them to anyone. We are returning in November and we have requested a reservation. They are the best!!

Morgana and Bobby Robson Sarasota Florida USA
Hi Dexter and Simon, I just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing trip. You two made it a memorable one for us. I just got my pictures back and have shared with my friends and trip advisor that you two are a must to go with. Thanks again for a great one!

Alexandra Houston Texas USA
My husband and I went on a 7-day cruise that stopped in Grand Cayman. I can honestly say that THE BEST part of that entire experience was the few hours we spent with Captain Dexter and Simon in Stingray City! It was an experience I'll never forget: I got to hold and feed several stingrays, and Dexter and Simon made everyone feel very much at home. Also, there were only 14 of us on the entire tour, so it felt very relaxed and intimate. Dexter was able to take us to the best spots to feed the rays (away from the huge crowds) and later, to do some snorkeling. We had SUCH a great time! Dexter even let my husband sail the boat on the way back to the dock, and Dexter and Simon entertained us with music and jokes. We haven't stopped talking about what a great time we had. My husband wants to go back to Grand Cayman JUST to sail again with Dexter! I can't recommend this tour enough. It was perfect!

Larry Hartleip Brighton MI USA
Hi Captain Dexter, Thank you for the wonderful Stingray City tour we took with you the first week of April. We made our reservations through the Sunshine Suites Resort but you said we could still register for the raffle if we let you know by email. I wrote an excellent TripAdvisor review which I think you will like. Thanks again for a great tour - you guys are the BEST! Sincerely, Larry Hartleip

The Kirtley's Roanoke VA USA
Hi Capt Dexter, Simon too! Thanks again for the wonderful afternoon. The BEST.

Dan & Tammy Bowers Keizer OR 97303
We just returned from an awesome week in Grand Cayman. By far the funnest thing we did was go to Sting Ray City with Captain Dexter's Fantasea Tours. Holding the sting rays, hand feeding them, watching them obey commands taught by Captain Dexter and ship mate, Simon, was truly a dream come true! Eight years ago we took this same tour with Dexter's Fantasea Tours, and this second trip was even better! It was amazing, fun, beautiful, educational, well worth the price! Thank you!

Carolyn Hartleip Brighton Michigan USA
Hi Dexter! This was our first trip to Cayman islands and our main agenda was diving. A Stingray City tour was the only other item on our list of things to do. We asked our local Cayman acquaintances for a recommendation, and we were advised to call Dexter's Fanatasea Tour. For $35 a person I wasn't expecting much, especially since everything on the island is quite expensive and the fee also included transportation both ways from our hotel. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I did not realize we would be taking a leisurely ride on a beautiful catamaran boat with only about 20 other cruisers to Stingray City. We had 30 minutes or so to stretch out and enjoy the perfect warmth of the morning sun while listening to the waves lazily lapping against the boat. The occasional, gentle sea spray and the Caribbean music in the background made a perfect setting for a mid-morning pipe-dream--such as never needing to work again! As I was enjoying my dream, I could hear Captain Dexter and Mate Simon visiting with some of other cruisers on the boat. As the crew's stories and jokes brought laughter drifting around me, it was evident this captain and mate loved their jobs-only feeding more into my meandering fantasy! As we pulled into Stingray City, my current reality returned in a pleasant way. As we slowly entered our spot in the circle of boats around the sandbar, we could see many people in the water waist-deep with stingrays wafting in and out of the groups of people. The circle of boats couldn't have been more varied than it was, with Dexter's catamaran clearly standing out as the premiere vessel. In fact, I was feeling better and better about my $35 adventure as I saw several old rickety boats suited to carry 100 people or more anchored next to ours. Next to those people-haulers, I saw massive groups of people doing not much of anything as they stood in the water. Captain Dexter and Mate Simon directed the 20-or-so cruisers from our boat into our area of the sandbar. As soon as we were on the sandbar, Dexter and Simon made sure everyone from our boat got multiple opportunities to hold and kiss a stingray, and even receive a stingray back-massage or two. All the while, the crew also made sure everyone got good photos of each family member. In fact, each family got a family picture taken holding a stingray. The time on the sandbar flew by as everyone in our group got their fill of friendly stingray contact. Then, we were off again to a nearby coral reef for some snorkeling time with our family. Even after a day of diving, the coral and abundant sea life was pretty amazing. My husband got some colorful underwater photos. Climbing back on the boat was a breeze. We grabbed a complimentary soft drink and resumed our spot on the deck to stretch out in the sun, when we learned it was our turn to have a friendly chat with Mate Simon. What a character! We'll never know if his stories were 100% true, nor do we care! What a wonderful end to our "fantasea" that day! Dexter's Fantasea tour is 100% recommended by this Michigan family!

Leslie Daly Tulsa OK USA
What an amazing day! If you enjoy Stingrays, snorkeling, sailing, great conversations, sun & fun, then you will truly enjoy spending the day with Capt Dexter and Simon. These two gentlemen have an amazing gift of making you feel comfortable and relaxed in the ocean while teaching you about the environment and making sure your safety is #1. This was our first trip to the Cayman Islands and one of the first tours we took. Each time we met someone new on the Island, we told them they couldn't leave without spending some time with Capt Dexter and Simon. We enjoyed our day very much and met some outstanding people. Capt Dexter and Simon are truly genuine people and I look forward to sailing with them again very soon. Don't forget to ask Simon about his favorite Stingray! Thanks again for an perfect day! Joe & Leslie

D'Onofrio Family Brewster New York USA
Dexter and Simon were great. The boat was nice and the experience was awesome. Definitely made the right choice with Dexter's Fantasea tour.

Sorensen Family Rogers Minnesota USA
I had booked a private tour for our trip with Captain Dexter and Simon. It was an amazing experience. Dexter and Simon truly provide genuine care, knowledge, humor, and the time taken to give us all an exceptional time with the stingrays was far beyond any expectations we could have had. The Grandkids talked about it the entire evening while on the ship. The stingrays is something we all will always remember! Great time, great music, and two great people... to say Thank You is not enough. Can't wait until our next trip to Grand Cayman to book another trip with Captain Dexter and Simon. They truly are two very special people!!

John & Marie Wheeler Rochester Minnesota US
Captain Dexter and Simon are the real deal. We have been out with them every trip to Cayman...and will plan on it all the time. They know what they are doing, and the trip on the "Don't Ask" boat is a perfect way to go fool around with the stingrays. Thanks again for a perfect day Dexter.

Tina Jordan Chesapeake Ohio U.S.
Just returned from our cruise on the Freedom of the Seas. I could not decide if I wanted to book an excursion with the cruise line or go out on my own, I was so glad I decided to go with Dexter's Fantasea Tours, this was the best part of our Western Caribbean Tour, we had a blast :)

Ty and Debbie Parkin Kaysville Utah USA
We went on the Sting Ray and Snorkel tour in Jan. 2011. The experience was so much more then we expected! The catamaran was beautiful and so relaxing. Dexter and Simon knew exactly what they were doing and were very professional and nice. It was an awesome experience!

Richard and Jo Bond Ashford Kent UK
Recently went on the tour to Stingray City with Dexter and Simon. All the arrangements were perfect, from the on-time pick-up at our hotel to the availability and quality of snorkelling equipment! The boat was uncrowded and on arrival at Stingray Sandbar, everyone including the nervous swimmers was well looked after and Dexter and Simon ensured that everyone had a positive interaction with the stingrays. Snorkelling on the reef was also fantastic and again everyone's needs recognised and catered for. All in all a fantastic experience and one that we would whole-heartedly recommend!

Russ and Tammy Card Highland Utah USA
Four of us went with Dexter and Simon on their excursion to see the searays and had a marvelous time. Unlike the big excursion boats with dozens of people, this was a much more intimate experience with just a handful of people. Dexter and Simon have been doing this so long some of the searays recognize them and come right to them and their guests to be held and touched. They went in the water with us and helped us meet and greet the searays. On the way back we did some snorkeling, then sailed back into the harbor. No shouting tourists. No engine exhaust. Just quiet, peaceful, informative and fun. I highly recommend this as the best possible choice, especially for a family, to see and experience the searays and snorkeling at Grand Cayman.

Katie Chicago IL USA
I just came back from Grand Cayman and spent a day on Dexter's Fantasea Tours....of all my days on the island this was by far the most relaxing. Rather than rushing off to see Sting Ray City and the Reef with a large barge of people, I spent the day with Dexter and a handful of people sailing the ocean, breathing in the fresh salty air. I even had a personal escort diving to the ocean floor to retrieve a conch! Thank you Dexter - I will be back!

Leslie and Sean Puyallup WA USA
If you do one thing in the Caymans, you MUST do the stingray tour with Dexter! Wonderful hospitality, great personality and a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dexter takes small groups (13 people in ours) vs the large companies- we saw one boat with about 80 people on it. Dexter is all about personal attention and makes sure each and every person gets the experience they're looking for. We had an awesome time with the rays and the great snorkeling- even saw a large crab and a shark. I had a major headache at the end and he was quick to supply Tylenol, a cold rag, water and gave us a CD to take home. Simon, who works with Dexter, really loves the rays- he's a great guy who's been doing this for a long time and it shows. If you're going to swim with the rays, you absolutely should go with Dexter- unless you like the big, busy tourist experience! Thanks again Dexter and Simon, see you next year.

Dr. Peter Tolisano Hartford Connecticut USA
Forget the rest and go with the best! Dexter's tour is exciting yet relaxing. He and his mates are exceptionally considerate to their clientele and the sea life. His rate is one of the best bargains on Grand Cayman.

Erin cole Ofallon Missouri USA
We went out with Dexter and Simon on day 2 of our honeymoon and had a wonderful time with the stingrays and on the beautiful and comfortable boat. We even got to sail back to the marina! Thanks for a great time! Erin & Brian

The Klotzly Family Vista California USA
After doing much research on Trip Advisor and reading the comments on Dexter's website we chose them for our family snorkeling adventure. We really enjoyed the relaxing sail over to the sandbar to visit the stingrays. Our group was small so everyone got lots of personal attention from Dexter and Simon with the stingrays. Simon made sure everyone in the family got to feed, hold and kiss a stingray. It wasn't the best kiss I've ever had, but it was lots of fun. On the way back my husband and I enjoyed hearing Dexter and Simon's adventure stories while our kids slept on the deck listening to some great Caribbean music. One of my favorite souvenirs from our trip is the CD that Dexter gave me when I mentioned that I loved the Soca Reggae music he was playing. We play that CD often and it brings us right back to the island......thanks Dexter!

Don & Sue Raber Kingsport Tennessee USA
You will see many complimentary comments above and below this post. they are all true. We have been traveling to Cayman since 1976 and now have 25 trips under our belt. When we found Dexter years ago, he made the trip to Stingray City and the North Sound reef so enjoyable that on every trip we plan at least one mandatory thing, and thats his trip. This is a great experience that your friends will be envious of - - you don't feel crowded and you have plenty of time in the water on both stops -

Anna Poteryakhin Minneapolis MN USA
I booked a tour with Dexter on-line one week before our one day visit the Grand Cayman on a cruise ship.I was pleased to see Dexter's sign right after we stepped on a land one hour late.My friends thanked me for finding such a great tour guide - we had a blast with stingrays and reef snorkeling.It was one of the most enjoyable and well organized tour of our cruse. Dexters keeps his tourist group small( we had about 15 people), tells you about stingrays, teach how to touch them,provides unlimited water and soft drinks, and entertains you with a great music on a way back.Highly recommend for everyone!

Melanie Lynch State College $80 USA
My family and I were in the Grand Caymans and really wanted to snorkel with stingrays. We went to Red Sail and they wanted $80 per person. We reluctantly agreed to pay it. On the morning that we were going to book the tour, our hotel told us about Dexter. We actually had him pick us up that morning. The whole family went for a much lower price than the other company was charging. We only had 11 people on our boat and Dexter and Simon were amazing hosts to us. When we got to the stingrays, we were shocked that the other company was like a cattle call...There were 30-50 people on each boat. Dexter and Simon taught us everything about the animals and let us hold and feed them. They genuinely love what they do. When I ever go back to the Cayman's, I am surely going with this lovable group again. To top it all off, they gave us a disk of caribbean music as a gift. If you want personalized care and terrific host and you actually want yourself and your children to learn something, going with Captain Dexter and Simon is a must. Enjoy!!

Chris and Tori Aliquippa PA USA
Sailing with Dexter and Simon was the highlight of our vacation. They were very pleasant and knowledgeable made our first experience at Stingray City an adventurous and memorable one!!!First class and highly recommend!! Don't leave the Cayman Islands without sailing with Dexter Fantasea Tours!!!!(Advice from Sunshine Suites and we second it!!!)

The Tiberio's Pittsburgh PA USA
Our trip with Captain Dexter and Simon was an amazing experience. The genuine care, knowledge, humor, and the time taken to give us all an exceptional time with the stingrays was far beyond any expectations we could have had. Snorkeling with Simon after the stingrays was a moment we will always remember! Great time, great music, and two great people... to say Thank You is not enough.

Kichline - Pen Argyl, PA Pen Argyl PA USA
Most enjoyable, educational and exciting adventure at the Grand Cayman Island. Our 13, 10 and 8 year old kids were fascinating with sting rays and diversity while snorkeling at the reef. Captain Dexter allowed the kids to try their hand at sailing the trimaran and was very informative about local goings on, as was Simon. Both were great with all of us and we could tell they cared about our experience - would definitely do it again and recommend it !

Georgia Grand Cayman
My brother and his fiance are here visiting, and I wanted to take them to the sandbar to experience the stingrays, and a friend suggested Dexters. We have just got back, and had the most wonderful time. Dexter and Simon are extremely informative, welcoming, helpful, patient, and friendly, and I would recommend this tour over any others I have been on, especially for first timers.

The Carnegie's from FL Bradenton Florida USA
Captain Dexter was the highlight of our trip. Not only did he show knowledge of the stingrays but also was very entertaining! We enjoyed the music on the way back while we were sailing. That to me really put me in a fantasy of island life. While we were enjoying the rays and water he even took the time to help someone else that was on another tour. We know what southern hospitality is but Captain Dexter goes above and beyond that! If only we had more time, I know we would have taken his tour several more times. I would come to the Cayman Islands just to take a "Fantasy" tour on Fantasea Tours! Thank you so much Captain Dexter and we look forward to coming back next year just for your tour.

Dan Badger Indianapolis Indiana USA
Our day with Captain Dexter was one of the highlights of our trip! Dexter picked us up at our dock. Our group of 18 were all nervous about swimming with the stingrays, however when we got to the beautiful water in Stingray City no one hesitated to jump in and we were quickly taken with how cool the stingrays were. The snorkeling was beautiful. Dexter and Simon (this guy should be an excursion all by himself!) were very, very accomodating, answered all of our questions and were entertaining all day. It's hard enough to make 1 teenager happy but all 8 of the teenagers with us had a great day! Thanks again! We'll see you next time.

Lorraine and Dan Keough Milton Ontario Canada
Going on Dexter's boat and feeding the stingray's is the highlight of our trip every year! It's a great way to spend the morning or afternoon! WE LOVE YOU DEXTER!!! See you in 2011!

James & Barbara Bethel Collinsville OK USA
James & I came to Grand Cayman to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We were recommended Captain Dexter to go to Stingray City by Turtle Nest Inn. What an amazing trip! Dexter & Simon calmed my fears right off about swimming with the stingrays. It was a beautiful experience! We want to say a big thanks to Simon also for the tip for these two OKie winter birds who were not prepared for all the sun on Cayman Island. The toothpaste tip really did take the sting out plus gave us a good laugh covered in blue paste! Thanks for a great adventure and value for our money! Love to bring our kids back some day so they can enjoy it too!

Jennifer Straszewski Flowery Branch Georgia USA
Just wanted to thank you for making our trip so great !!! You provided us with the best tour we have ever taken. We hope to see you again on our next trip to the island.

Mike Trombadore Danville CA USA
Dexter, Our half day trip with you and Simon was far and away the highlight of our trip to Grand Cayman. I highly recommend you and your boat for anyone wanting to see Stingray City. We did a private charter for two families, ten of us in total, and thought that your service was a great value. Your boat is perfect for families with small children and your knowledge of the stingrays was fantastic. I will never forget the day we spent with you and Simon. Thank you!!!!

Joyce Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers PA USA
Loved the catamaran ride out and back. Great way to spend the afternoon out on the water. Thank you to Captain Dexter and especially Simon for making this such a fun trip.

Tom Cranston RI USA
We had a blast. Best value on the island.

Trudi Coquitlam BC Canada
Our group of 13 went out with Dexter and Simon in January 2010. We had a wonderful time and are so glad that we booked with Dexter's Fantasea Tours. It was an amazing way to spend our day in Grand Cayman and would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much Dexter.

Fran Wistow North Yorkshire England
Anne and Fran came out to do the Caymen half marathon in December 09. We had seen Dexter's tours on the website and the feedback was brilliant, just what we needed to relax after the race. Our trip with Dexter was fabulous, a small boat which meant a handfull of people. felt more like millionaires than tourists. Swimming with stingrays was wonderful, what gentle creatures. The views, and snokel on the reef were fantastic. To end it all returning under sail with music and anecdotes from Dexter and Simon was an experience to treasure forever. Thank you for the best adventure and value for money in Caymen.

Anne Everitt Wistow North Yorkshire England
Fran and Anne come to caymen in December 09 to complete the half marathon. We had read on the website about Dexter's stingray tours and seen really positive comments, we thought it would be a great way to relax. It was fabulous! the half day was perfect. We were blown away by how the wonderful views, the fantastic experience of swimming with the stingrays and the general vibes of the day. Sailing back was just serenity and peace. What an amazing experience and value for money. The BEST thing to do in Caymen. Thank you Dexter and Simon

Terri Raimo Austin Texas USA
Capt Dexter & Simon, My sister & I came to your beautiful island on 10/15/09. We had the most amazing time with you. You were recommended to me by 2 co-workers. I must say, they didn't exaggerate about the experience we would have. Just the ride out, the water is so clean and clear. We saw so many starfish of all colors and even a couple of sea turtles!! We never expected to see these animals in their natural habitat except on TV. Now, we can say we've seen the REAL thing. The stingrays were so gentle and snorkeling on the reef was amazing! I wanted so spend the whole day out there. After hearing about our trip, we have some friends who want to go. We are already planning another trip for next year and you can bet we will be reserving our spot with you. Your tour was the highlight of our 7-day cruise and we can't wait to see you again!! We will recommend you to everyone we know because we know they will have a fantastic time. Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime!!!!!!

Matt D. Houston TX USA
My fiance and I took a trip out to Stingray City with Capt. Dexter. We had an amazing time! It's an experience of a lifetime. Capt. Dexter will provide you with a safe fun trip at a great price. I can't recommend him enough.

Steve Dunn Zionsville Indiana USA
I just retuned home from a 7 day cruise on Royal Caribean with one of our stops being Grand Cayman. I was traveling with a group of 23. Upn my return home I have received a thank you card from all 23 expressing their gratitude for aranging a charter on the Fantasea suring our stop in Grand Cayman. While we enjoyed our entire 7 day cruise and have great memories from each port, everyone in the group agrees that our charter on the Fantasea was the highlight of our trip.

Sarah Patellos Cape Cod MA United States
I have been going on Dexter's Fantasea tours for 16 years, and let me tell you, a Cayman Islands vacation is just not the same without it! Thank you Dexter for such a great time year after year, my Mom and Dad are in the Caymans now and I can't believe I'm missing it this year! Thank you for such a personal experience that keeps us coming back for more. Hope to see you soon!

Becky Orange Charleston South Carolina USA
Captain Dexter was recommended to us by the great people at Turtle Nest Inn in March of 2009. We are so glad we listened to them! The ride out to Stingray Bar was great. When we arrived at Stingray Bar, I was amazed. The sting rays were so gentle and just awesome to see and touch. I even kissed one for good luck! Then, we went on a snorkeling trip which was fantastic! Captain Dexter and Simon were great! This is a MUST DO while visiting the island! We cannot wait to visit again next March!

Prissy Wilson Deerfield Illinois US
My experience with Dexter's sting ray city tour was just the BEST! I was hesitant to go since I have a bad back and was concerned it might be too much for me. But my family convinced me to try. Dexter fixed me up in a comfortable spot on the boat and I was able to participate in the entire adventure! It was amazing. And I enjoyed talking with you too Dexter. I wish you the very best and hope to see you again sometime! It was indeed an experience of a lifetime and a wonderful outing for all ages. Thanks a million!

Tracy Slintak Highland Michigan USA
My husband and I really enjoyed our trip to Stingray City with Captain Dexter. When we arrived at our destination and we saw how many of the other tour operators overfill their boats, we knew we had picked the right tour! We motored out to the sand bar, but were thrilled when the winds made it possible for us to return under sail power. He is knowledgeable and kind, and when we return to Grand Cayman, we will sign up for another one of his wonderful tours. Thanks Dexter, for making it such a memorable experience!

Marci Massillon Ohio United States
We vacationed in Grand Cayman in July. Captain Dexter was fabulous. My three children had a great time, and Captain Dexter even took my one daughter out snorkeling with him. It was very kind of him to offer take her because my husband and I had our other two kids to pull along. He definitely made the experience enjoyable for our whole family. My daughter said she enjoyed it so much with him because he explained what everything was while they were out at the reef. His tour was by far the highlight of our vacation! I would highly recommend his tour. Thank you Captain Dexter for a memorable experience! We look forward to coming back to Grand Cayman, and we will definitely take your tour again. We hope to see you soon! Take care, Marci

Nick and Janel Spiro Dallas TX United States
My wife and I were referred to Dexter by some friends we meet while vacationing in the Caymans. They had known Dexter for years and said he and his crew were the best on the island. THEY WERE RIGHT! My wife and I, along with several of our friends, went with Dexter and his crew to Sting Ray City and to the reefs on his catamaran. It was absolutely amazing! Dexter and his crew was were with us every step of the way. They not only showed us sting rays, fish and coral reefs, but got with is in the water and explained the wildfire we encountered. It was by far one of the greatest excursions I have ever been on. I would do it again in a heart beat! If you are in the Caymans..taking a trip with Dexter is a must!

Sun Oh Anaheim California
I'm a deputy sheriff and traveled with my family in RCCL August 2006. I found Dexter through the Internet search few months before the trip. There were many boat tour companies that offered cheaper than Dexter, but for some reason I found Dexter more interesting. Oh boy I made a SMART choice to go with Dexter. Captain Dexter is OUTSTANDING, CARING, and very wonderful person. He made EVERY effort to have EVERYONE to have experience playing with the Stingray, including my 2 years old son. On that day of my trip, I saw MANY tour boats around and Capt. Dexter found a spot away from everyone and brought a Stingray exclusively for everyone in our boat to touch and play. Capt. Dexter then took extra time for all of us to snorkel in very private area, far far away from everyone. Capt. Dexter is most professional person I ever encounter. EVERYONE in my family had unforgettable memory thanks to Capt. Dexter. It doesn't matter how cheap and better other are offering, Capt. Dexter tour is better than any other tour boat in Grand Cayman. I bet my badge on it.

Becky & Leah Hill Pittsburgh PA USA
My daughter Leah and I had a wonderful time swimming with the Stingrays. I told my daughter I conquered a few fears that day, both swimming with the stingrays and snorkleing at the reef. Sailing back that afternoon just was the icing on the cake to a terrific day. Once again, thank you and hope to see you again. Sam Patellos sister and niece.

Tonya Herschfus Berkley Michigan United States
Unbelievable! A once in a life time experience. I cannot stop talking about it now that I am back in the states. I loved kissing the stingray, seeing a live conch, and all of the great fish on the coral reef. The parot fish are just beautiful. Anyone that has swam with the stingrays know how intellegent and friendly they really are. Thank you Captain Dexter for such an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. : )

Rupa & Santosh Bangalore KA India
Dear Captain Dexter & John, Thanks for making our trip to Stingray Sandbar memorable. Interacting with the sting rays was simply amazing! What stood out was the warmth, care and personal attention we received. We have been to several boat tours over the world (Hawaii, Great Barrier Reef Australia), but this one stands out as the best we have done so far! Thanks once again & hope we can come back some day and do another tour with you. Rupa & Santosh

The Anfangs Ringwood NJ USA
Our family has been coming to the Caymans for the past 15 years, and Dexter is the only way to fly, or sail, as the case may be. You're here to relax and enjoy, not motor across the Sound at 50 mph. Quietly sailing back after a magnificent experience of the rays, in a very personal way, is what I came for, and Dexter is who I refer all my friends and guests to.

Bob & Deb South Deerfield MA USA
FABULOUS! A friendly relaxing motor across the bay. Captain Dexter and John were welcoming, informative and friendly. The views were gorgeous. We were with 8 to 10 other people. Swimming with the Stingrays was a great adventure and phot op. Snorkleing at the reef was like jumping into an aquarium. And, to cap it off, we got back on the catamaran, showered off and sailed back with Nora Jones, Bob Marley, sun and quiet. It was our best day! We hightly recommend it for young and old :) Thanks for a sparkling day!!!

Casey Cash Durham NC USA
My family has been visiting Grand Cayman since 1997 and during our first trip, we happened to luck upon Captain Dexter and his Fantasea Tours. We have since booked a trip with Captain Dexter every visit back and brought all our family and recommended his tour to all our friends! Dexter not only gives us great service and a beautiful adventure, but he has become part of our extended Cayman family and is always there waiting for us to come aboard with a smile and a new joke!!!

Faye Golden Colorado USA
Stingray City is an awesome place. I have visited and introduced friends there for each of the past 15 years. I met Dexter 15 years ago and he makes it like visiting with family. Dexter has named most of the rays, explains their history and why they are there. For first time visitors Dexter spends extra time helping them get in and out of the boat and feeding the rays while enjoying the trip.
Dexter and his Fantasea Tours is the best kept secret in the Cayman Islands. He limits the number of passengers on the boat so it's never crowded. If the weather is iffy he will reschedule rather than risk a less than enjoyable experience. He even has a money back guarantee if you don't have a good time you don't pay. (That has never happened to me over the last 15 years.)
Thanks Dexter for all the wonderful trips - with more to come.

David Jones Denver CO USA
Dexter's Fantasea tour is actually 2 experiences in one package:
First there is the visit to Stingray City with Dexter, a Cayman Island native. His new boat is a spacious catamaran that can sail or motor across the bay with a small group of guests to Stingray City. Dexter and his crew explain the routine of standing on the sandy bottom and petting the friendly rays as they swim around in their natural environment. Dexter's easy confidence makes even the wary feel right at home with these magnificent creatures.
After visiting the rays, Dexter takes his guests to one of the shallow reefs on the north side of Grand Cayman for snorkeling. These less visited, live coral reefs are only accessible by boat and are my favorites in Grand Cayman. Again, Dexter's lifelong knowledge of these waters makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Gene Rohloff Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
A GREAT way to spend an afternoon. The sail out to the Stingray Bar was a perfect start to a unique experience. Our family thoroughly enjoyed swimming among the stingrays which appeared very well mannered. I think Captain Dexter has them very well trained. Our thanks to Captain Dexter and his crew for a very enjoyable, educational and worthwhile experience. We would do it again and recommend Dexter's Fantasea Tours to everyone.

Spring Wildman
Captain Dexter & John,
My friend, daughter, and I did a tour with you to Stingray Bar last Tuesday. We had such a wonderful time and I just wanted to thank both of you for making this adventure the highlight of our trip to the Grand Cayman Island.
My daughter (8 years old) was worried about swimming with the stingrays ever since I first mentioned it to her. She also gets very nervous and panicky in rough water. Thanks to John, who took her snorkeling and was a wonderful guide--pointing out all the fish and sea creatures--she had a great time and was not at all nervous. That meant I, in turn, could enjoy the snorkeling also!
While at Stingray Bar, my friend traveling with us got a little nervous in the waves and John was so kind and helped her get back to the boat safely.
Thank you, Captain Dexter, for showing such passion for what you do and thank you, John for being so helpful and friendly!
I will definitely recommend Fantasea tours to anyone I know visiting the island and we will give you a call when we return!
Thanks again!
Spring Wildman

Jane Gulley Knoxville Tennessee USA
Dear Captain Dexter,
This is a belated thank-you for the two beautiful cruises that my husband and I enjoyed on your sailboat with our two children, ages 8 and 7, last October, 2006. I am sure that the routes we took to Stingray City and Rum Point are well-known to you and "all in a days work". But as I look back at the photos, I realize that our visit to the Caymans and our sailboat tours in particular were major highlights of the past year.
Thank you for everything you do to keep your guests comfortable and safe, while showing them one of the most beautiful natural areas on earth.
We hope to return to the Caymans some day. If we do, we will certainly sail with you.
Best regards,
Jane Gulley (Gerald, children Blythe and Jack)
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Dorsch Kansas City MO USA
We visited Dexter last week and boy did we have a blast!!! I would recommend to anyone who wants to go see the sting rays and go snorkeling to hire Dexter. Not only is he very knowledgeable but his personality is one of a kind!! Not to mention his hot assistant that is not so bad to look at. Dexter may seem like an older gentleman but he is sure young at heart. Thanks Dexter for everything. Dr. Dorsch and staff

Katie Lake Zurich IL USA
When we arrived in the Grand Cayman's I was very nervous about getting on a charter boat and heading out to the ocean. I was excited to see sting rays, but I've always been afraid of the ocean. Dexter could sense this and made me feel very comfortable. He snorkeled with me for a while and swam with me over to see the sting rays, never leaving my side. It made me feel very safe being in the ocean with an expert. I truly enjoyed Dexter's chartered boat trip, it turned out to be my favorite part of our vacation!

Maggie Whitewater WI USA
Dexter was AWESOME! We had so much fun, and even booked a second stingray city charter on our last day. This was my first trip to the Cayman Islands. For years I have been hearing about Dexter and his charter boat that took you out to the stingrays. What I didn't realize was that besides visiting the stingrays out at Stingray City and Stingray Sandbar, Dexter also took our group out to snorkel. I didn't believe it until I saw it. Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands is the BEST snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea!!! Everything was so close and the water was so shallow. You didn't even need to scuba dive to see all of the beautiful fish and coral. Did I mention that Dexter also picked us up from our place on seven mile beach and brought us to the boat and back. That was perfect because we didn't rent a car on this trip. Thanks Dexter for the great trip! You can bet that I'll be back!

Al Buchholz Delavan WI USA
This is the best stingray city tour that has ever been devised. Dexter takes you and a select group into heart of Stingray sandbar to enjoy nature at it's best. Then you travel for an easy snorkle to one of the world's most beautiful reefs. My favorite task is deciding how many times I should go with Dexter each time that I visit the Cayman islands. Dexter, are you hiring?

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